A piece of art is always more than just colours & canvas.


is the British Engineer & Artist Master of Design Royal College of Art London.

Protégé of the Duchess of Westminster. Fellow of City & Guilds Institute London. Visiting Professor of Design Royal Academy of Engineering Imperial College London.


  • UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Homes & Gardens Classic Design Award – London,
  • International design awards
  • Accent on Design Award – New York,
  • Linea 3 Award – Frankfurt
  • Designer of the official London 2012 Olympic Games silverware
  • Designer of the Diamond Jubilee Teapot for HRH the Queen
A range that truly has novel designs & will lend new experiences to our customers. We as a brand focus on introducing new lifestyle products that are true to our design DNA making them statement accessories. Just like the Hosting range which was designed by Seymour Powell, the Nick Munro collection will enhance your hosting experience. Our effort is to become a pioneer in collections that match tastes & design sensibilities of our customers.


Across the pages of history, be it :
Monet, Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh Or Pollock
Every time an auction happens, the highest bidder takes a piece of the artist with himself. The artist resides within his creation. A gift from the artist so to speak.

Nick Munro embodies the same story, layering it with contemporary, ultra modern finesse.

So let’s usher in a new era of craftsmanship at Shazé.

Welcome to

Nick’s World

Nick Munro has a long history of supplying the world’s best hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes as well as some of the world’s top retailers. The Nick Munro brand specializes in creating beautiful, elegant designs that deliver classic style and service level functionality.

When you welcome these extraordinary pieces into your home, you’re welcoming Nick’s ethereal creations & Nick himself into your house.

Steeped to perfection,

Nick’s First Cafetière

Nick spotted an antique bicycle pump in his Dad’s garage and despite its dusty and tarnished appearance, found it to be elegant and simple. Even after 50 years of service, it worked perfectly fine and when he needed inspiration, he looked no further and immortalized his first Cafetiere design. Whether it's having a moment to yourself over a mug of your favourite blend, or sharing a cup or two with friends, the Bistro just belongs.

Bistro Cafetiere

A spectacular looking French Press, such as this one, not only looks great in your kitchen but is also an ideal coffee maker! The exquisite egg-shaped stainless steel structure comes with a plunger mechanism delivering a great coffee brewing experience. Along with that comes the unique black side handle and the elegantly shaped spout that helps in serving your coffee beautifully.

₹ 12,200

London Routemaster Window Inspired


Even after visiting many cities all over the world and enjoying fabulous times, London remains Nick’s favourite. Fond memories of numerous trips in the London Routemaster grabbed his attention to the fascinating window winder. This Routemaster detail was suddenly remembered while experimenting with new designs in Sheffield and was eventually translated into the bestselling Spheres Mills design. Spheres, uncompromisingly beautiful, superbly functional, loved the world over, always the centre of attention, enhancing any setting with the understated confidence of great design.

Sphere Tea
Infuser Small

Perfect for hosting high tea parties, this supremely functional teapot will grace every occasion with its fine structure and spherical make. This Spherical Tea Infuser comes with a stainless steel infuser basket and knob making it a desirable accessory. An insulated steel handle allows you to effortlessly pour the tea out while showcasing its unique structure.

₹ 12,200

Sphere Sugar Bowl with Spoon

Elevating tea times will now be an effortless experience, thanks to this enchanting accessory. This Spherical Sugar Bowl comes with a stainless steel structure making it a desirable accessory. Beautifully crafted stainless steel handles on both sides and the top knob enhances its structure even more. The stainless steel spoon is a great add on and completes its overall look.

₹ 5,700

Sphere Cream Jug

A Cream Jug that exudes timelessness while being elegantly modern with its fine structure and classy make. The Spherical Cream Jug is crafted from 18/8 polished stainless steel making its appearance a mesmerizing one. The insulated steel handle allows you to lift the cream pot gracefully and pour out the contents. Its carefully crafted spout also showcases elegance making it a cherished tea time essential.

₹ 5,700

Effortlessly Contemporary,


Nick discovered the music played in London Clubs while still studying design in The Royal College of Art. He picked up on jazz/ soul grooves and became an admirer of the musical instruments that brought alive the heady atmosphere. These flowing forms, precise details and creative intricacies translated in Trombone which defined top-level quality for Nick’s designs. Wherever it is in the room, whenever it’s on display, whilst entertaining, or in a more intimate setting, trombone requests your attention in a subtle yet beguiling manner.

Trombone Wine Cooler

Not only does it keep your wine bottles cooler for longer but also becomes a highlight of your bar area. The exquisite egg-shaped structure of this cooler makes it a must-have for hosts who love unique bar accessories. This Trombone bar accessory is an insulated twin-walled wine cooler crafted from 18/10 polished stainless steel. The rounded bottom allows you to store your wine bottle easily while its exquisite shape helps you in lifting and placing this bucket anywhere.

₹ 17,700

Trombone Cocktail Shaker

Prepare a flurry of zesty beverages with the Trombone Cocktail Shaker! Flaunt your cocktail making skills or experiment with berry or citrus flavours to surprise your taste buds. The Trombone Cocktail Shaker is made from 18/10 polished stainless steel making it a sturdy bar essential. Its mirrored finish, towering structure, effective functionality and unique egg-shaped design is what enhances your bar area beautifully.

₹ 12,700

Trombone Ice Bucket with Tongs

A contemporary accessory that instantly transforms the look of your bar space, such as this one! It keeps your ice cubes solid for longer and hence allows you to serve chilled drinks. The stylized lid & pair of tongs add to its overall appeal beautifully. This is an insulated twin-walled ice bucket with a lid made from 18/10 stainless steel. With a pair of stainless steel tongs that come along with this ice bucket, you can pick ice cubes effortlessly & serve them to your guests. The complementing lid that comes with a button handle upgrades the look of this ice bucket even more.

₹ 17,700

Trombone Champagne Cooler

Not only does it keep your champagne bottles cooler for longer but also becomes the highlight of your bar area. This Trombone bar accessory is an insulated twin-walled round Champagne bucket crafted from 18/10 polished stainless steel. The rounded bottom allows you to store your champagne bottle effortlessly while the button handles help you to lift this bucket easily.

₹ 25,700